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The medicines to stock up on before Christmas – Netdoctor

4. Indigestion remedies

You’re likely to be eating and drinking more over the Christmas period and you could find yourself with indigestion. So keep some antacid tablets or liquid in your medicine cabinet. These will help relieve the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and trapped wind.

If heartburn is the main symptom that is not relieved by an antacid medicine such as Gaviscon or Rennie, then ask your pharmacist for a medicine to help reduce the acid produced in the stomach, such as Zantac 75 relief tablets or Nexium control.

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5. Painkillers

Painkillers work in different ways to relieve pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen work well for pain that is associated with swelling and inflammation of muscles or joints, whereas paracetamol works better for reducing fever.

So it is a good idea to stock a selection of different painkillers in your cabinet – soluble aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Soluble aspirin (300mg) is also useful to have in the cabinet as it can be used for a sore throat. Gargling with soluble aspirin can take away the sting.

6. Hangover remedies

Soluble paracetamol is a good choice to treat the headache associated with hangover.

Taking a herbal remedy containing milk thistle and an effervescent vitamin supplement such as Berocca can also help.

Woman in bed with a hangover


Hungover woman lying in bed after a night out drinking

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7. A first aid kit

Keep a well-prepared first aid kit, just in case you need to treat minor cuts, sprains or bruises. Things to have in your first aid kit include plasters, small bandages, a thermometer, antiseptic cream and wipes.

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Remember this is just a general guide and you should always ask your pharmacist if you are unsure about which is the best product for your needs.

If you’re on long-term medication or have a chronic condition, it’s best that you pick up your prescriptions in plenty of time before Christmas, as your regular pharmacy and surgery may be closed for a few days over the holiday period.

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