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Are you a Health writer looking to expand your brand through guest posting? Here this Health blog is accepting guest posts from bloggers. We have specific guidelines for Health/Fitness Guest Blogging.

Follow the Rules and Posting Guidelines

Only Health, related articles will be accepted.

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All links will be tagged No-follow. No author bios/ No links on 1st para/ No promotional articles/ No affiliate links/ No duplicate/spun content will be accepted. No articles will be accepted, if it is only meant for SEO link building. It must provide value to our readers. If your article don’t follow our guidelines, then it will not be published. It will be deleted without intimation.

Writing Guidelines

It must be in depth descriptive, informative and quality article in 1000-5000 words with 1 natural link to your site at the last para. You may add few reference links to any high authority sites.

Write a Readable blog post with Sub Headings.. It must be nice and clear text structure. Make shorter sentences with maximum 20 words. Avoid passive voice and use less transition words.


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